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NY Defense Attorney Explains | What Are Ghost Guns?

Posted by Daniel DuBois | Feb 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

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What Are the Penalties for Owning or Selling a Ghost Gun in Buffalo, NY?

Welcome back to our blog! Today, we wanted to take some time to talk about a trio of gun laws that had been passed in November of last year. We hope to answer some questions for you regarding these laws.

What is a Ghost Gun?

After reading the title of this, we're sure that's your first question. Ghost guns existed in an in-between area, where gunmakers could sell frames of weapons, sans a few parts, to consumers without serial numbers. People could then get the remaining parts and have a working firearm that the ATF had no idea existed. 

We don't know just how many ghost guns are out there from before this passed, but being found in possession of or distributing them is now no grey area. It is starkly clear that these are illegal. 

What does the law do to prevent the sale of ghost guns?

The law prevents the sale of ghost guns by requiring gunsmiths to register and serialize firearms, as well as unfinished frames or receivers. To add some more detail, the law defines the term in two ways. One, it clearly states what it means to be serialized. Two, it defines what a ghost gun is.  You can see more here

Another facet of the new law is that the sale and possession of unfinished frames or receivers are prohibited and punishable. The third prong amends the definition of a disguised gun to include weapons that are disguised as toys.  

These crimes carry significant punishment if convicted. If you or someone you know are facing these gun crime charges, please don't hesitate to reach out to a criminal defense attorney here in Buffalo, NY. 

Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future results, and the outcome of your particular case or matter cannot be predicted using a lawyer's or law firm's past results. Each case is unique and should be evaluated through a phone call or meeting with Daniel DuBois, without comparison to other cases which may have had different facts and circumstances.

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