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New York attorney FAQs - DWI - criminal defense - family law

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Daniel DuBois' years of experience as a defense attorney in the State of New York have him uniquely situated to answer your questions about the legal process. Each answered question directs you to a video with a more in-depth explanation of the topic.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Am I required to submit to a breath test in New York?

A - If you want to be licensed to drive in New York, yes (Video) 

Q - What should I do if I was arrested for a first-time DWI? 

A - Call an experienced attorney to help you through the process  (Video)

Q - What is an ignition interlock device? Will I be required to have one?

A - A breathalyzer test you must pass that prevents your car from running if over a certain BAC. You will be required to have one if convicted of misdemeanor DWI (Video)

Q - How serious is a DWI arrest in Erie County?

A - As in any county, it is very serious (Video)

Q - What's the difference between a DWI and DWAI? What is an aggravated DWI?

A - A DWAI is a less severe violation, whereas a DWI is a misdemeanor and is more severe. An aggravated DWI charge is when your breath score is above 0.18 (Video)

Q - I was arrested for committing a crime - do I need a lawyer even if I'm innocent?

A - Yes, you should always have a lawyer when you get arrested. (Video)

Q - Do I need an attorney if I am charged with a minor crime?

A - You should hire an attorney if you are charged with any crime (Video)

Q - Should I hire an attorney for the arraignment?

A - Absolutely, you want an attorney on your side at the arraignment (Video)

Q - If I am stopped by police, do I have to let them search my vehicle?

A - No (Video)

Q - Does a crime still go on my record even if I am cleared of it?

A - No (Video)

Q - I confessed to a crime I didn't commit - what can I do?

A - Call a lawyer immediately to examine the confession (Video)

Q - Can a police officer search you if they smell Marijuana?

A - Not if that's the only evidence, since New York recently legalized adult use. (Video)

Q - What do changes in Marijuana laws mean for driving?

A - It is still illegal to operate a motor vehicle while impaired (Video)

Q - As a victim of abuse, what can I do?

A - Contact the authorities and seek safety (Video)

Q - Does a sex crime go on my record even if I am cleared of it?

A - If you're cleared of it, no. (Video)

Q - Can I be charged with a sex crime without having sexual intercourse? 

A - Yes (Video)

Q - How are sex offenders classified?

A - In increasing tiers of severity from 1 to 3 (Video)

Q - Who must register as a sex offender?

A - Anyone convicted of a registrable sex crime in the State of New York (Video)

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