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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney in Buffalo, NY

Daniel J. Dubois aggressively defends clients against government charges. Our law firm understands that just because the government says something is true, it does not mean that it actually is. Sometimes, witnesses are confused about what they saw or prosecutions are based only on allegations from a single witness. Other times, prosecutions are based on speculation and storytelling that sounds right, but does not hold up to the facts. If you have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights and resolve the matter in the best possible way.

Types of Cases We Handle

Daniel J. Dubois, Esquire handles all cases related to criminal prosecutions of defendants. These include:

  • DUI/DWI- Most DUI cases only seem open and shut. The science behind the testing, however, is not as rigorous as you might think, and the tests have to be performed exactly right for them to be valid. One mistake and the entire prosecution can go up in smoke.
  • Drug Crimes - New York State believes that many defendants are better served by treatment programs and collaborative law rather than punitive systems of punishment. Daniel J. Dubois can help get the charges reduced pending the results of your treatment program under some conditions.
  • Violent Crimes - Violent crimes include assault and battery, strong-arm robbery, murder, and rape.
  • Domestic Violence - Generally speaking, the police will remove an individual from a scene if they believe that the individual is a threat to others. That usually means that the physically stronger male is removed and potentially charged even though he may not have initiated the violence.
  • Murder - Murder is the crime of intentionally ending the life of another person. Homicide is any unlawful death, but it does not require the intent to injure, maim, or kill. Sometimes, homicides are charged as murder, but not all homicides are murder. Our attorneys can help you if you are facing homicide charges.
  • Manslaughter - Manslaughter is considered a negligent homicide or a homicide in which the police cannot establish either premeditation or the intent to injure or end a life. An example of manslaughter is a DUI accident resulting in death.
  • Sex Crimes - Sex crimes have harsh penalties that can follow you around for the rest of your life. Our attorneys have experience dealing with this type of prosecution and understand that not all situations are simple or cut and dried.
  • White Collar Crimes - White collar crimes include various types of fraud and theft of funds.
  • Weapons Charges - New York State places major restrictions on the right to own and possess guns. These can have mandatory minimum sentences even in cases in which no other crime was committed. A skilled attorney can help.
  • Juvenile Crimes - Our law office also handles criminal complaints against minors which are often adjudicated by family courts and not criminal courts.

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If you are facing charges in Western New York, Daniel J. Dubois, Esq can help you fight the government's side of the story and ensure that your side is heard. Call today to discuss your situation in more detail and we can begin preparing your case immediately.

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