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Anyone who has been convicted of a registerable offense in NYS must register themselves as a sex offender by law. Sex Crime defense in New York is not to be taken lightly but you have options available. DuBois Law focuses on many areas of practice and Sex Crime Defense is one of the main areas they focus on. We understand, we never judge. We only want to offer the best possible representation you can get in New York. Call (888) 684-8589 to receive a free consultation and learn what rights you have available to you. Visit to learn more about sex crimes and sex crime offenses.
Past results do not guarantee future results, and the outcome of your particular case or matter cannot be predicted using a lawyer's or law firm's past results. Each case is unique and should be evaluated through a phone call or meeting with Daniel DuBois, without comparison to other cases which may have had different facts and circumstances. If you have a particular issue or question concerning a case, please call to talk to an attorney. (888)684 8589

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