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Buffalo Man Found Not Guilty of Attempted Murder, Assault, Gun Possession

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Back in June of 2022, an unfortunate event occurred on the first block of Decker St. in the City of Buffalo. According to WGRZ NBC2 in Buffalo, officers responded to the call around 3:45 p.m. to find a 32-year-old man and his two-year-old daughter shot. Each would be hospitalized due to the injuries sustained in the shooting.

At the time, investigations were underway, and anyone with information was asked to call the confidential tip line. 

Buffalo Police commissioner Joe Gramaglia said in a news conference

"The father and the daughter were innocent victims. In this case, they were shot through a fence," Buffalo Police commissioner Joe Gramaglia said Wednesday during a news conference. "So clearly, there's really not a lot that they could have seen when you're on the other side of a fence.

“But here we are another child in the City of Buffalo that's been shot, and we need some justice for this. You've got people that are firing weapons, randomly firing weapons, and you look at the results of what can happen there."

Our client, C. Thompson was charged with attempted murder, assault, and gun possession. 

Attorneys Nick Texido and Dan DuBois, discredited each prosecution witness to the point that the prosecution's theory just didn't hold up. 

Following a 2 week jury trial, our client was found not guilty of all charges.

When you are charged with a crime of this magnitude, it's vital to retain an attorney with trial experience and the ability to fight for your justice. If you decide to base your choice of courtroom representation on cost, or choose to retain a public defender, you may end up with a decision from the judge that could have been avoided with a more seasoned attorney. 

These stories are available through News stories locally here in WNY. Past outcomes do not guarantee results. In the event that you have a question about a criminal case against you or someone you know, please contact Dan DuBois via our contact form or by phone. We will help you best understand the process and remember, we understand, we never judge.

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